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Welcome and introduction

Fatima Cardoso

Speaker: Fatima Cardoso.

Duration: 6:05.


In her introduction to the symposium, Dr Fatima Cardoso points out that the CDK4&6 inhibitors are one of the hot topics of the moment in breast cancer, and their use is to be discussed, from both the physician’s and the patient’s perspectives, by a very distinguished panel of experts. How much do the symposium’s participants know about these drugs? Dr Cardoso tests their knowledge now, before the discussions, by asking three key questions: (1) CDK4&6 play an important role in cell cycle progression in which transition – G1 to S phase, S phase to G2, G2 to M (mitosis) phase, or G1 to S phase and S phase to G2? (2) In breast cancer, the CDK4&6 inhibitors (i) are being investigated only in clinical trials in HR+/HER2− breast cancer, (ii) are being investigated mainly in clinical trials in HR+/HER2− breast cancer but also in some trials in HR+/HER2+ breast cancer, (iii) can be effective only in HR+/HER2− breast cancer, because of their mechanism of action, or (iv) are effective irrespective of HR/HER2 status? And finally, (3) what are the most frequently observed adverse events in trials of CDK4&6 inhibitors: neutropenia, fatigue, and hot flushes; neutropenia and thrombocytopenia; neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and fatigue; or neutropenia and fatigue? The questions will be repeated at the end of the symposium to see whether the discussions have improved participants’ knowledge. How much do you know? Watch the webcasts to find out.