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Naomi Fitzgibbon, Msc

Irish Cancer Society, Dublin, Ireland

Naomi Fitzgibbon is Cancer Information Service Manager at the Irish Cancer Society in Dublin, Ireland. She graduated from Beaumont Hospital Dublin as a Registered General Nurse and worked in King Edward VII Hospital for Officers in London, UK, for eight years where she cared of members of the British Royal Family. As Senior Ward Manager, she deputized for the Director of Nursing in the management of the hospital. Ms Fitzgibbon returned to Dublin to work in the area of oncology. After leaving her position in a busy oncology unit, she began working with Action Breast Cancer (ABC, a programme of the Irish Cancer Society). There, she was lead on innovative projects and research for the development of support services for women with metastatic breast cancer and younger women with breast cancer.

Currently, Ms Fitzgibbon manages Ireland’s only free Cancer Information Service, incorporating email, online interactive help, and social media. She achieved Helpline Standard Accreditation for the service in 2011 and 2015. An evaluation of the service by the University College Dublin (UCD) revealed a satisfaction rating of up to 95% and a clear set of far-reaching recommendations that Ms Fitzgibbon is currently implementing. She is a media spokesperson for the Irish Cancer Society and a patient advocate on nursing and NGO organizations. Ms Fitzgibbon is currently leading research with national partners to investigate and address the issue of cognitive impairment in breast cancer patients.

Ms Fitzgibbon completed her MSc in Clinical Leadership at UCD in 2013 and is achieved her Fellowship with the Faculty of the School of Nursing and Midwifery – Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) 2015. She embraces the challenges of working within the cancer arena, finding innovative solutions to meet the strategic objectives of the Irish Cancer Society. Her collaboration with key stakeholders is essential within the ever-increasing prevalence of cancer, but also in a time of great strides in the advancement of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and provision of psychosocial support.